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PC Gamers can Enjoy the Fanatical Black Friday Sale Now

Fanatical Black Friday Sale is here! Check out these amazing sales!

Humble Bundle Introduces the Humble Care Package Bundle for $30

Humble Bundle is having one of its most amazing charity bundle ever, Humble Care Package Bundle!

Humble Bundle Store Halloween Sale! Guns of Icarus Online is Free!

Guns of Icarus Online is free on Humble Bundle for 2 days! This is to start off the 2017 Halloween Sales!

Mirage: Arcane Warfare to be free in one day! Price discounted after!

Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be $10 after the promotion has ended.

[News] Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Preload – Starts at February 23 to 27

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world tactical shooter game, Ghost Recon Wildlands, will be having Open Beta this week! Preload now!

League of Legends – Patch 7.4 Notes

Tons of new stuff are coming to the 7.4 Patch. We’re not entirely sure that most of you will like them though. We got fresh new skins, champion ...[Read More]

[Highlights]ESGS 2015 Indie Games, Competitive Gaming, & More!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Oct 21, 2015) – ESGS – One of the most anticipated and biggest gaming convention in the Philippines, is proud present the h...[Read More]

[Press Release] ESGS 2015

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Oct 5, 2015) – One of the most anticipated and biggest e-sports competition / gaming convention of the year is back! E-Spor...[Read More]