5 Stupid Practices in Gaming Industry

As much as we love to play video games, we all agree game developers and publishers sometimes do stupid practices that are not consumer-friendly at all. Here are five of them.

[Epic Five] 5 Badass Female Protagonists in Video Games

Each year, we see more and more video games with female protagonists. Some are badass, some are not. We gather 5 of the amazingly badass female protagonists in video games.

[EPIC 5] 5 Creepy Pokédex Entries

Pokémon is cute and cuddly they say, it is for kids they say. They never look in the description in the Pokédex I say, it has some shady things going down in there, I say.

[EPIC 5] 5 Games That Deserve To Have A Sequel

Have you ever wondered about a video game series that suddenly went MIA? Or why a game never had a sequel despite getting very positive response from critics? Well, there are several games that deserve to have a sequel, and here we are going to discuss some of it.

Top 5 Games in E3 2015

The biggest gaming event has started again this year! From June 16-18, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015 has started and shared the newest upcoming/released games at the start of 2015!

Top 10 Gaming PC’s in First Quarter 2015

You’re probably wondering what great gaming computers were released in the first quarter of 2015, look no more because I will share to you these trending computers that is definitely worth a look.

Top Five Childhood Games

Nothing beats a game that gives you the feeling of Nostalgia, right? We all had childhood games (unless you’re a man child) and childhood memories, and I’m here to share mine. I know that “five” ain’t much of list to start off but hey maybe there’ll be more of these types of articles in the future.