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[Epic Five] 5 Badass Female Protagonists in Video Games

Each year, we see more and more video games with female protagonists. Some are badass, some are not....[Read More]

[Gameplay] Tales of Zestiria | First One Hour

Tales of Zestiria is the first Tales game in the PC. How does the port for the PC? Check out our Fir...[Read More]

[Gameplay] Human Resource Machine | Indie Game | Tomorrow Corporation

Human Resource Machine is a programming-themed game which is both fun and entertaining for a game fo...[Read More]

[Realtalk] Why Fully-Priced Multiplayer-Only Games Suck?

The gaming industry keeps changing year after year, one of the changes is the releases of multiplaye...[Read More]

[Gameplay] Toby: The Secret Mine | Indie Game | Lukas Navratil

If you like Limbo, or any puzzle platformer game, then Toby: The Secret Mine might be the game for y...[Read More]

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[News] Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Preload – Starts at February 23 to 27

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world tactical shooter game, Ghost Recon Wildlands, will be having Open Beta this week! Preload now!

League of Legends – Patch 7.4 Notes

Tons of new stuff are coming to the 7.4 Patch. We’re not entirely sure that most of you will like them though. We got fresh new skins, champion ...

[Highlights]ESGS 2015 Indie Games, Competitive Gaming, & More!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Oct 21, 2015) – ESGS – One of the most anticipated and biggest gaming convention in the Philippines, is proud present the h...

[Press Release] ESGS 2015

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (Oct 5, 2015) – One of the most anticipated and biggest e-sports competition / gaming convention of the year is back! E-Spor...

[Trailer ] Gravity Rush 2 | Gameplay Trailer

Gravity Rush has been a great game when it launched on PS Vita. Gravity Rush 2 looks like much better, especially since it is a PS4 game. Check out th...

[Trailer] Rocket League | Revenge of the Battle Cars DLC | PS4 & PC

Check out the latest trailer for Rocket League’s New DLC, Reveng of the Battle Cars DLC!

[Trailer] FIFA 16 | Ultimate Team | Mobile Trailer *Free Game*

Do you love some mobile sports game? FIFA 16 might be the game for you, check out this trailer!

[Trailer] Just Cause 3 Mobile Game | The Wingsuit Experience

Well, this is weird. Check out this Just Cause 3 Mobile game, the wingsuit experience!