[Impression] 7 Days To Die – Worth Playing in 2021?

7 Days to Die has been in Early Access for almost 8 years. Is this zombie survival game worth playing today?

[Impression] The Tenants – A Landlord Tycoon Management Game

Be a landlord in The Tenants, a tycoon sim management game, where you will buy properties, negotiate contracts, and stylize and renovate rooms!

[Impression] World War Z: Game of the Year Edition – Worth Upgrading?

Is upgrading World War Z to Game of the Year Edition worth it? Well, here are our thoughts about it!

[First Impression] Dungeon Defenders: Awakened – Early Access

Looking for a tower defense co-op game? Chromatic Games’ Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is almost out of Early Access so we give you what we thought of it!

[First Impression] Final Fantasy VII Remake

Cloud is back, definitely.

[First Impression] The Division 2 – Private Beta

Open Beta will open on March 1, 2019. Here are my impressions for The Division 2 Private Beta from few weeks ago.

[First Impression] Jump Force – Open Beta

Did someone say Jump Force?

[First Impression] Resident Evil 2 Remake – 1-Shot Demo

Capcom has released a 1-shot 30 minutes demo for their one of the anticipated remakes, Resident Evil 2! Is it any good?

[First Impression] Tropico 6 – Closed Beta

Kalypso Media gave closed beta access for those who pre-ordered their upcoming simulation game, Tropico 6. El Presidente, welcome back!

[First Impression] Love Esquire

Love Esquire is a romantic-comedy visual novel dating sim with classic RPG elements. Play as a lowly Squire trying to get the girl of his dreams before the start of a deadly war.

[First Impression] Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland is a survival management RPG where it throws you obstacles after obstacles. Scavenge food, do not tire your party, do not let depression consume them, and more.

[FIRST IMPRESSION] The Beast Inside Kickstarter Demo

A photorealistic horror game made in Unreal Engine. The Beast Inside Demo can give you the heebie-jeebies until the end.