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Croixleur Sigma is a game for those who want to re-experience what we experienced in arcade gaming during the days. Check this out if you are interested.

A game with nostalgic arcade feels

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I’m really kinda busy these past few days but I am still making time to play games. When I contacted Playism, the publisher of Croixleur Sigma, weeks earlier than the release of the game, they immediately replied back with the review code. I was really excited about Croixleur Sigma after seeing its trailer since it is a hack-and-slash action game and you know I like hack-and-slash action games.

This is JJ-kun of The Gamers Camp, bringing you my review of Croixleur Sigma.

Croixleur Sigma

Croixleur Sigma Scenery
Lucrezia and Francesca in front of Nito Towers keyart

Croixleur Sigma is an arcade, hack-and-slash action game developed by Souvenir circ. and published by Playism released for the PC in 2014 under the name Croixleur, PS Vita in 2016, PS4 in 2017, and now came to the Nintendo Switch on March 28, 2019. Croixleur Sigma is actually a remaster of Croixleur so to say as it is a re-release with new additional features such as modes and characters. Change of character and setting names, as well as other changes, were made as well! I have not actually played the first release, so I cannot say which ones specifically were changed.


Lucrezia intro
Lucrezia describing Francesca

Irance, the setting of Croixleur Sigma, has been divided into two factions, the Nobles and the Knights. The story started with Lucrezia, one of the main characters, having a competition with Francesca, also one of the main characters, to which one who can first get to the top of the Nito Towers, the training facility of the Vernal Magic Knight Academy, where parents leave their children at the age of 6 until they are 18, will win and as well as know which faction will take over Irance.

To be honest with you, the story was not much explained, and I am still kinda confused with it. Sure, the introduction sequence of the game gave us some kind of backstory as to what is happening with the world of Croixleur Sigma, but it does not have much to do with the story in itself when you are already playing the game. In addition to this, it is very short.

Graphical Delivery

Level Clear Hit
Lucrezia dealing the final blow

For an indie game, this is good. It is like playing a chibi action game. It has a lot of particle in use in-game for the effects of the attacks, but the game still runs a constant 60FPS, which is pretty good as most players now would rather play a bad game as long as it is 60FPS than a good game that is running in just 30FPS. Not saying that Croixleur Sigma is bad, though.

I would just like to point out, however, that the game uses basically the same resources over and over and just changing its color palette to call it “different” which is a negative point for me.


Croixleur Sigma Boss
A dragon boss in Croixleur Sigma

The music of the game does not have much variety. For an “arcade” type of game, I think lack of music is not a good sign. The game sure has different music in each level, and each boss, but that is much about it. Nothing more. The music in itself does not give an impact to the players, too. I can say that the music is just so-so.


Francesca end screen
Francesca end screen

If you love the arcade beat-em’-up games or games like Grand Chase or Elsword, you might like this game. It has the controls of a modern action game. Just like in Kingdom Hearts, it has the roll button, which is a dash in this game, attack, jump, and specials. I like how it plays out, just like any other action game, though since it is an arcade-type of game, it could get too repetitive.

What I like about the game, too, is the customizable button mapping. You can freely choose which button does what, which I really appreciate as I usually look for these in games today. I’m pretty sure a lot also looks for that feature as they are used to a specific button mapping as I do. In my case, I mapped it the same as Kingdom Hearts’.

The game has several modes, Story, Survival, Challenge, and ScoreAttack mode, again, a variety of single-player modes that most games today do not have. In addition to this, there are even unlockable modes which are pretty neat detail – not sold separately. *cough*

Content Value

Lucrezia seeing Francesca
Lucrezia shocked to see Francesca

For the price of $19.99 for the Nintendo Switch, $7.99 in Steam, and $14.99 for the PSN, is it worth it? If you are into arcade type of games, definitely get this game. For its content as an arcade game, it definitely is worth it. Not only would you get a nostalgic arcade-type feel on the game but having this many modes for a game made today, definitely worth it.

Furthermore, there’s also character customization mode where you can pretty much dress up your characters with equipment and accessories which gives additional status points, a variety of weapons to choose from with each having its own properties, an achievement system, character interaction, and collection modes where you can view more of the story lore, which is also an addition to how much this game can offer.

However, personally speaking, these types of games aren’t my cup of tea but if it were, I’ll gladly buy it on all the platforms it is available on, supposing I have all the platforms it got released on.


Lucrezia hugging Francesca
Lucrezia hugging Francesca visual art

Again, this kind of game is not my cup of tea, but I would not be biased, still. Croixleur Sigma is a very good game of its genre. The content that it has defines it and should be over everything else that it has. Although the story mode is kinda short, there are only 4 characters, 2 of which are unlockable, which can be finished under 10 minutes each for the first two, and under 15 minutes for the second two, it should not be the focus on. The other modes aside from the story mode are what should be the focus of this game. For it having successfully executing the arcade game feel, a big thumbs up!


Did you guys like my review of Croixleur Sigma? Did you agree to my points or are there points that you disagree on? Comment it down so I’ll know your thoughts too! Don’t forget to also check out my Facebook page where constantly go live playing games which can be accessed here and my YouTube channel where I upload my stream highlights which can be accessed here.

Until then guys, see you soon!



  • Has nostalgic feel to it
  • Lots of single player modes
  • On-point controls
  • Unlockable content


  • Story is very short
  • Can get repetitive


Story - 4.6
Graphical Delivery - 8
Music - 5.3
Gameplay - 8.8
Content Value - 9.5
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