DayZ FINALLY Getting Out of Early Access After 5 Years

After being in development for 5 years, DayZ is finally getting out Early Access this December.

Onimusha: Warlords is Being Remastered and will be Released on Early 2019

NeoBards Entertainment back at it again with another classic title, Onimusha: Warlords, getting a HD release!

Miscreated is Leaving Early Access on Steam

Survival game, Miscreated, will be leaving Steam Early Access before 2018 ends. Map expansion, new weapons, and more additional features!

Cyberpunk, Survival, Post-Apocalyptic Games on Humble Dystopian Bundle!

Humble Bundle with another amazing bundle focusing on cyberpunk, survival, and post-apocalyptic games.

Open World Survival Adventure, Stranded Deep, will Launch this October

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get the complete version as Stranded Deep leaves Steam Early Access very soon.

[First Impression] Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland is a survival management RPG where it throws you obstacles after obstacles. Scavenge food, do not tire your party, do not let depression consume them, and more.

Hell Awaits in Agony; Out Now on All Platforms

Highly-anticipated horror survival game, Agony, is now out on all major platforms. Hell Awaits!

Top-down Sci-fi Adventure Survival Game, Xenosis: Alien Infection, is Now Completely Funded on Fig

Look out for Xenosis: Alien Infection, a top-down sci-fi adventure indie game, as it is now funded on Fig.

Highly Anticipated Horror-Survival Game, Agony, Finally Has a Release Date

One of the most anticipated horror-survival games, Agony, is coming out soon on all major platforms.

The Banner Saga 3 Launch Date Announced!

The Finale of the Viking-Fantasy trilogy, The Banner Saga 3, is coming out on all major platforms soon.