Top-down Sci-fi Adventure Survival Game, Xenosis: Alien Infection, is Now Completely Funded on Fig

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Look out for Xenosis: Alien Infection, a top-down sci-fi adventure indie game, as it is now funded on Fig.

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Xenosis: Alien Infection

NerdRage Studios is developing a retro-inspired, top-down sci-fi adventure game which they named Xenosis: Alien Infection. It focuses on a story-driven single-player immersive experience as it blends retro 2D pixel art with 3D environment settings. Not only that, it takes inspiration from games such as Aliens, Dead Space, and Event Horizon.

In Xenosis: Alien Infection, you are a deep space salvage hunter who finds the remnants of an abandoned starship that vanished almost five decades ago. As a salvage hunter, you have to retrieve valuable data core. As you progress in the game, you will discover what happened to the crew and must avoid it from happening to you, as well.

The game has surpassed its funding on Fig, a publishing platform very similar to Kickstarter, and it will release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. However, the campaign is running until June 21, 2018. You may want to check their perks and more details regarding the game by clicking the link down below.

Key Features

  • Story driven content. Learn the secrets of the Carpathian, its crew and what happened on its fated mission 50 years ago. A branching story line, rich with detailed characters provide the narrative of the complex and deep story
  • Awesome retro pixel art. Utilising modern realtime 3D dynamic lighting and shadowing that bring 3D depth to a 2D game, not seen in a top down game before!
  • Manage your resources. The Carpathians environment is hazardous, you will need to maintain a supply of oxygen and prevent your suit from damage and tears, otherwise your journey will end quickly. Battle not only enemies, but the hazards of the environment, extreme temperatures, radiation, toxins and the vacuum of space
  • Craft to survive. Scavenge what you can from ship and use it to craft supplies, ammo and upgrades for your weapons and environmental suit. Over 64 schematics to find and use at your disposal, with many more planned
  • Exciting and tense combat. With advanced enemy AI against you, use tactics to overcome your enemies. With multiple weapon types and deployable items at your disposal, you have unlimited tactical options
  • Take the stealthy approach. Sometimes all out gunfights aren’t the way, use stealth with the dynamic light and shadow system to bypass obstacles and enemies.
  • A whole starship to explore. This isn’t some lifeless procedural generated ship, it’s a hand crafted starship with multiple themed decks to explore and hidden secrets to discover, the game oozes attention to detail
  • 3D positional hi-def audio. Using the latest in audio design techniques, you will get maximum immersion in your adventure through the Carpathian
  • Native support for keyboard and mouse, along with all popular controllers (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Dualshock 3, 4) with many other 3rd party controllers supported too
  • Localised in many languages The game was designed and built with localisation of all text and graphics from the start, and many languages are going to be included
  • Achievements, plenty of platform specific features on release, such as steam trading cards etc.
  • 60FPS! Everyone wants 60 FPS right? Heck, it runs at over 200 on my laptop!
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