Priest, an Exorcist Simulator, will be Having its Blessing on Steam Next Year, 2019

Priest Exorcist Simulator Featured

Ready your holy water as Priest, an exorcist simulator mixed with dark fantasy and RPG, is planned to release sometime in 2019.

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Priest s quite a unique game as it is based on exorcism mixed with dark fantasy, and it is an RPG as well. Developed by an indie game company, Delirma studio, the game is set in a mysterious village where demonic possessions are taking place frequently.

One of its key gameplay is that you will be driving out demons, just like a real priest exorcising a person. Players have to correctly use the remedy, such as prayers or equipment, to be an effective exorcist. It also goes deeper as it may require the assistance of the previous rescued people.

Here is what Michal Jod would say about the announcement of their upcoming game;

Priest is a combination of Christian mythology with dark fantasy. We based it upon real testimonies concerning exorcism as well as general works of pop culture, i.e. novels, films and series. Black metal and Polish folklore also inspired us, so there will be a number of relevant references

We give a lot of freedom. The player determines the path of action and the method the several dozen demons in the village are dealt with. The development of the exorcist also has a wide range. It concerns features and specific skills – grouped under several different schools of exorcism. What’s equally important, Priest will not be a so-called self-play – you will face a real challenge. Even if the player decides on co-op”

Priest is going to have its debut in the summer of 2019. The console release is still unknown, but the idea is not being scrapped totally.

Key Features

  • Complete freedom with no restrictions during your progression through the game.
  • Dynamic encounters requiring prayers and artifacts picking as well as stamina management.
  • Over 30 demons with the unique abilities and the fighting styles.
  • 4 skill trees to expand: classic, magic, engineer and barbarian.
  • Character customisation which includes wardrobe, hairstyle, skin colour and sex.
  • Over 50 Households to Save.
  • Access to a presbytery where you will prepare yourself before the fights.
  • Rich and dark history gathered from the saved occupants of the village.
  • Game in traditional co-op split screen also available.
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