God Eater 3 is Now Available Worldwide

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Be one of humanity’s last stand against Aragami as Bandai Namco released God Eater 3 worldwide.

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God Eater 3

Bandai Namco has launched its highly anticipated action-RPG God Eater 3 worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). Players will take on the role of one of humanity’s last line of defense known as a God Eater, who will take the fight against monsters called Aragami.

God Eaters are individuals with unique special abilities and arsenal to wield a powerful weapon called God arc weaponry, the only weapons that can destroy the Aragami. There are various God Arc weaponry, which ranges from swords, spears, sniper rifles, and more. However, in God Eater 3, dual wield and heavy weapons are now available to the players, each has its own merits if chosen. Players can find their play style by continuously trying different weapons in story mode or on online with other God Eaters.

Other gameplay aspects of God Eater is its new combat mechanics and customization to create dynamic fights that may change the flow of the battles. Players can activate Burst Arts after devouring an enemy. This changes all normal attacks to special attacks. Just like the God Arc Weaponry, Burst Arts have different varieties, and may depend on the player’s play style. Additionally, a new Dive ability has also been implemented in the game, which increases the speed of combat towards the enemy by keeping a constant pressure to the opposition.

Players may team up with three different players to tackle story modes, or join up to seven players with the Assault Mission, which is first in the series. By cooperating with your teammates, players can unleash a new ability called Battle Support System, which shares power ups to help the team against the battle.

Jackie Simmons, Brand Manager at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc, has said:

GOD EATER 3 continues BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s mantra of ‘more fun for everyone’ by providing a rich world and exciting combat encounters for friends to share,”

“Feel the rush of excitement by teaming up and taking down an exceptionally hard fought Aragami.”

Buy the game here: Humble Bundle (PC) or Play-Asia (Console)

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Key Features

  • Fight in Style with Brand-new God Arcs!

Expand your close-combat armory with the dual-wield God Arc “Biting Edge” and the two-handed moon axe “”Heavy Moon””, or fight from afar with the new “”Ray Gun”” God Arc!

  • New Abilities for Exhilarating Battles!

Ground, Air, and Step attacks evolve into powerful techniques with Burst Arts, and the new Dive dash attack allows you full freedom of movement to hunt down wandering Aragami!

  • Fearsome New Threats: Ash Aragami and Devour Attacks!

Dangerous new foes, Ash Aragami can utilize Devours Attacks and enter Burst Mode, increasing their strength exponentially! These enemies are not to be trifled with and will require you to take your weapon and your game to the next level!

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