Support this Light-Hearted Action Adventure RPG, Our Hero! Hyper Sword

Our Hero! Hyper Sword Kickstarter 02

Check out this cool-looking Kickstarter project of what a good action-adventure game mixed with some RPG mechanices can be in Our Hero! Hyper Sword.

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Our Hero! Hyper Sword

Ste’s Project is a one-man team who is developing Our Hero! Hyper Sword, an epic action-adventure game with a mixture of RPG elements. The game has been in development for 2 years now, as this is not the first time the developer actually publish a Kickstarter campaign. The first one was back in 2016, and unfortunately, it failed. This time, the developer is hoping to reach $6,062 in goal and has less than a month complete it.

The game features Hack’n’Slash and platforming sections, and it does it very smoothly too. Not only that, it has free-to-explore environments where you may be able to find secrets and enemies to fight in real-time, as well as, bosses who you just cannot blindly attack.

Our Hero! Hyper Sword has a story mode, which can be played in single player or multiplayer with a friend. More features would be available depending on the Kickstarter campaign.

A playable demo can be played here.

Key Features

  • Explore a sprawling open world divided into zones: discover the Royal Gardens, the Castle Vaults, the Lost Valley, the Ancient Forest and other enchanted places.
  • Each Hero has his own special abilities: switch your Heroes and Cooperate with your Companion to overcome obstacles and proceed through the Acts.
  • A lot of action: run, jump, fight, run on walls, climb, shoot and take control of enemies!
  • Immersive Story starred by nice NPCs and rascally enemies.
  • Local 2 player Co-Operative play.
  • Real-time Battle System.
  • More than 30 unique Swords to discover and collect: boost and transform your swords!
  • 10 different zones to explore and overcome: solve puzzles, discover secret places and fight epic boss battles!
  • Side quests and funny minigames to play during your adventure.
  • Trophies to unlock in the Trophies Hall and Cards to collect to complete your Gallery.
  • Take part in the Final Battle and save the heroes’ world.
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