Northgard Landing on Consoles this 2019

Viking strategy game,  Northgard, is finally coming to the current generation of consoles later in 2019.

Swag and Sorcery Arrives on Steam Fashionably

From the creators of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper come their new game, Swag and Sorcery!

Forager launches on PC this April 18

From a game for a jam into a full-blown game with hours of content. Forager is finally coming out this month.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Early Access Now Available on Steam

Create your own “accurate” battle simulator with this whacky physics-based simulation, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

Soviet-themed City Builder Tycoon, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Out this March 2019

An indie development company has come up with a soviet-themed city building simulation to transform your own Soviet Republic to a rich industrial superpower.

Freebird Games Teases New Game, Impostor Factory

Freebird Games has launched their comic book DLC , Paper Memories, for To The Moon and Finding Paradise, and they now give us a glimpse of their newest project, Impostor Factory.

Humble Indie Bundle 20 Has Launched!

Get Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, Getting Over it, Among the Sleep, and more in this new Humble Indie Bundle 20!

Civilization V Designer, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates, Now Available on Steam

Looking for a fresh 4X strategy game? You may want to check out Jon Shafer’s (Civ 5 Designer) At the Gates for a new take on the classic 4X grand strategy formula.

Underwater Exploration Adventure Game, ABZÛ, is Now Out on Nintendo Switch

Explore the underwater world of ABZÛ, now available on Nintendo Switch.

Open World Survival Adventure, Stranded Deep, will Launch this October

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get the complete version as Stranded Deep leaves Steam Early Access very soon.

The Escapists: Complete Edition Heading to Nintendo Switch this Month!

The original “The Escapists” is going to be released on Nintendo Switch with all of its DLC this September!

[Steam Giveaway #33] Outlast 2

We are giving away the Steam Version of Outlast 2 for the month of August 2018 until September 10, 2018.