The Sims 4 Seasons Will be Available on June

One of the most anticipated expansions for The Sims 4 will make its way soon! More ways to play in different weathers!

Priest, an Exorcist Simulator, will be Having its Blessing on Steam Next Year, 2019

Ready your holy water as Priest, an exorcist simulator mixed with dark fantasy and RPG, is planned to release sometime in 2019.

Offworld Trading Company Free Weekend on Steam Right Now

One of the best selling economic real-time strategy games, Offworld Trading Company, is going to have a free weekend right now! The game and its expansions are also on sale up to 65% off.

Check out Lovecraftian Roguelike Card Game, Cultist Simulator

An upcoming narrative 1920s-themed game, Cultist Simulator, is coming out this May, and it is all about a roguelike card game where your choices shape the whole narrative.

Cities: Skylines – Natural Disaster will be Available Soon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Cities: Skylines’  one of the best DLCs, Natural Disaster, is coming out for major consoles. Fire, flood, and falling stars! Disaster everywhere!

Jurassic World Evolution Release Date Announced

Planet Coaster’s developer, Frontier Developments, announced Jurassic World Evolution’s release date.