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One of the best selling economic real-time strategy games, Offworld Trading Company, is going to have a free weekend right now! The game and its expansions are also on sale up to 65% off.

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Offworld Trading Company

Set foot as an entrepreneur and travel to Mars in this economic strategy game of Offworld Trading Company!  From May 3, 2018, 1 PM ET, you will be able to play the Steam version until the end of the week.

This is not your typical strategy game as military might is not your most powerful weapon, but rather your money. If you are a sucker for trading, then you may even dominate the game as you may buy and sell resources and materials, including foods and water that colonists need to survive. If you manage to gather enough money, you may even buy your rival and claim the economy itself.

However, it is not all about legal trading, as you may go underhanded with black markets. Not only that, pirates and hacker, and more are included in the game and everyone must be prepared for them.

“We’re really excited to be bringing this free weekend to players,” said Soren Johnson, lead designer and president of Mohawk Games. “Offworld has been my passion project – it’s fast paced, deeply strategic, and is awesome in a multiplayer setting. This event is a great opportunity for new people to try out the game with their friends and play with the community of Offworld fans.”

To celebrate the free weekend, Offworld Trading Company is going to be available at 50% off on Steam or Stardock. Players can even save up to 65% off with the game’s expansion, Jupiter’s Forge, the game soundtrack, and Offworld Trading Company: Gold. The free weekend will on May 6, 2018, 1 PM ET. The sale, on the other hand, will end the next day, May 7, 2018.

Key Features

  • With space travel becoming a reality and the easy-to-reach resources on Earth dwindling, hopeful people seeking their fortune are rushing to the next great frontier: Mars. Rekindle humanity’s adventurous spirit by leaving Earth behind and make a new name for yourself as a titan of industry on the red planet.
  • Determine the fate of the Martian colonization effort in the dynamic single-player campaign mode. Multiple types of CEOs, each with unique traits and abilities, deliver many hours of discovery into their motivations and how they intend to dominate the future of Mars.
  • Turn your friends into frenemies! With a robust and exciting multiplayer mode that can support up to eight players, no two games of Offworld Trading Company are the same! The market fluctuates depending on which of the four starting corporations you and your opponents choose and what resources you accumulate. Strategy is key, and tenuous alliances between rivals are easily broken when the opportunity arises.
  • In Offworld Trading Company, market forces are your weapons, not guns or bombs. The real-time player driven market is your sword and your shield here. In order to win, you will need to make tough choices on what resources to acquire, what goods to build and sell, how to interact with the planet’s thriving underworld, and what stocks to acquire and when. With over a dozen different resources available and a constantly changing market economy, no two paths of victory are alike — each game holds a different “key” to dominating your competition.
  • Transport yourself to Mars and immerse yourself in the battle for big business with an incredible soundtrack from composer Christopher Tin (Baba Yetu, Civilization IV). This retro-futuristic score mixes orchestra instrumentals, piano, and synthesizers while utilizing unique pitch-dives and other electronic treatments. All of these unique elements gives Offworld a truly otherworldly tone.
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