Survival Story-driven Management RPG, Dead in Vinland, out now on PC!

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Scavenge, battle, and survive in this beautiful world of Dead in Vinland, a survival story-driven management RPG.

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Dead in Vinland

Small French developer, CCCP, and publisher, Playdius, are proud to release their game, Dead in Vinland, on PC for $19.99 USD/ €19.99. You may get a 10% discount until April 19, 2018, 10 AM Pacific Time.

Dead in Vinland is a unique mix of survival, adventure,  and RPG, that it is very similar to The Banner Saga. However, the comparison ends there as this game is just as unique as latter. You have to gather food, maintain the emotional and physical health of your party, and ration every supplies so it may last until the end of the game.

With a core gameplay of RPG, such as leveling your squad and customizable equipment, as well as the quick-paced tactical turn-based combat system, Dead in Vinland strives to offer players fresh and unique story of their own everytime they play. Not only that, you can have up to 14 playable characters that are all unique and have their own set of fighting skills.

Key Features

  • Deep survival management simulation: Find and gather resources, secure supplies of food, manage the physical and mental health of your team, fight diseases and wounds, ration water supplies, and face terrible storms and droughts
  • Challenging and turn-based: Randomized elements make it so there is no perfect strategy. Take your time and adapt to the situation to make the best decisions! With turn-based gameplay you have the time to make the best decisions. You’ll have to adapt to any crisis the game throws your way
  • Three modes of difficulty: One for enjoying the story, another for a challenging story, and the third for an extremely difficult mode that even the developers can’t beat!
  • Manage your community of up to 14 playable characters: Each with their own strengths, flaws, and unique stories, influence how their relationships evolve with meaningful dialog choices, and expect possible romances and betrayals
  • Build your camp: Craft more than 130 upgrades for bonuses and expand your shelter with 18 activity stations, each with its own contributing mechanics
  • Live your own adventure: complete 70 non-linear quests to reach the end of the game and learn about what happened to your characters after the end depending on your choices
  • An island to explore: Featuring over 150 map areas with hundreds of objects to interact with as players can unveil the many secrets of the island and its beautiful, hand-painted landscapes
  • Full RPG system: Usable objects, skills to upgrade, characters to level-up, and randomly generated character traits every time they level up
  • Tactical turn-based combat system: Quick and deadly 3v3 battles with five unique playable character classes, each with its own set of fighting skills, and five passive classes
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