Super Smash Bros. (Switch) Invitational Competitors announced!

We won’t be seeing some of our favorites but at least we get something!

Tatsumi Kimishima retires as Nintendo President

Nintendo got a new president!

Detective Pikachu is Now Available Worldwide

Rejoice Pokemon fans, especially those who like this certain iconic and electrifying Pokemon, as Detective Pikachu launches for Nintendo 3DS!

[EPIC 5] 5 Creepy Pokédex Entries

Pokémon is cute and cuddly they say, it is for kids they say. They never look in the description in the Pokédex I say, it has some shady things going down in there, I say.

[EPIC 5] 5 Games That Deserve To Have A Sequel

Have you ever wondered about a video game series that suddenly went MIA? Or why a game never had a sequel despite getting very positive response from critics? Well, there are several games that deserve to have a sequel, and here we are going to discuss some of it.