Why Should You Buy A Gaming PC?

Why Should You Buy A Gaming PC?

Have you ever wondered which type of computer would you get or would you rather settle for a cheaper version of a gaming peripheral like a Gaming Console?

This article will help you understand the reasons why you should buy a Gaming PC.

#1 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
– Most computers today, especially gaming computers are built with durability, better parts, and faster softwares which makes it “stronger” than most average-type computers. Gaming computers are specially built for Gamers, be it a Casual or a Hardcore gamer, a gaming computer can handle whatever you are. With its better Graphics and Framerate, playing a game on a gaming computer is really great, you can feel the smoothness of your gameplay without worrying about lag.

#2 Cheaper
– I know what you’re going to say, “Cheaper? This cost me more than a gaming console.” Well, you are right if you weren’t so wrong. Most consoles are only built for one thing, to play a game created for it, but with a gaming computer you can play Games created for it with better and smoother gameplay because Consoles aren’t upgradable, you can’t upgrade Console parts, so if you need to play a game created for a PS4 and you only have a PS3, you need to buy a PS4 again, but with a gaming computer, you can just build a $300-$400 gaming computer and you can already play games from the past and mostly upcoming games from the future.

-Who doesn’t love MODS? If you buy yourself a gaming console, you can’t install gaming mods in the game unlike when you have a gaming pc, you can download and install gaming mods like for Skyrim which most mods can make it look a lot more fantastic.

#4 Infinite Players
-Do you really want to play with your friends in a split screen or would you want to enjoy your own free space while you play co-op with your friend in online games? That’s right, gaming computers are great because you don’t need your friends to come over to your house, plug some controllers and play with a split screen, you can just sit on the chair in-front of you gaming pc, message your friend online and play with them through the internet.

#5 Upgradeable Hardwares
– As I said before, gaming computers can be actually cheaper, you can buy a $300-$400 gaming computer and it’s good for two-three years to come, you can already save up to upgrade it. Mostly the graphics cards and then you’re good again for more years to come. Who wants to buy new consoles just to play new games everytime a new console is released.

#6 Virtual Realities
– With the release of the Oculus Rift, the age of games have fast forwarded more towards the future, the 3D type of games are getting famous and you can only use the Oculus Rift through a gaming computer. A new experience for gamers worldwide can only be accessed with the help of a gaming computer.

That’s mostly the reasons why you should definitely buy a gaming computer today, as an avid fan of gaming I definitely recommend a gaming computer over a gaming console.

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