Capcom Reveals Mega Man 11 and What We Know So Far

Capcom announces Megaman 11 after a 7-year hiatus of the main series!

[HUGE GAMING GIVEAWAY #5] Star Wars Battlefront 2/ Shadow of War/ Destiny 2 and more | 4TH QTR 2017

The Huge Gaming Giveaway for the last quarter of 2017 is here! Giveaway will run until December 20, 2017.

[Steam Giveaway #29] The Banner Saga & The Banner Saga 2 | October 2017

We are giving away The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2! The giveaway will run from October 28, 2017 to November 10, 2017!

Humble Bundle Store Halloween Sale! Guns of Icarus Online is Free!

Guns of Icarus Online is free on Humble Bundle for 2 days! This is to start off the 2017 Halloween Sales!

Mirage: Arcane Warfare to be free in one day! Price discounted after!

Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be $10 after the promotion has ended.

[Steam Giveaway #28] Prison Architect | August 2017

This month of August, we are giving away one copy of Prison Architect (Steam)! Giveaway will run from August 23 to September 10, 2017!

[Game Review] Dying Light

Dying Light is Techland’s new take for the Zombie Survival Genre. Is it a lot better than Dead Island? Did Dying Light suffer the same mistakes of Dead Island?

[Game Review] Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf is a classic Japanese- themed fantasy real-time strategy game. Does it still stand out among other RTS today?

[STEAM HUGE GIVEAWAY #4] Lawbreakers / NBA 2K18 / Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite / Agents of Mayhem / Total War: Warhammer II / Divinity: Original Sin 2 | 3RD QTR 2017

The 3RD Quarter Steam Huge Giveaway of 2017 is here! Have a chance to win Lawbreakers, NBA 2K18, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Agents of Mayhem and more! The giveaway will run from July 24 to September 24, 2017. Join now!

[Steam Giveaway #27] NBA 2K17 | July 2017

This month of July, we will be giving away NBA 2K17. This giveaway will last from July 24 – August 10, 2017.

[Game Review] The Bureau: Xcom Declassified

A different type of Xcom game. Does The Bureau: Xcom Declassified bode well for the rebooted franchise?

[Steam Giveaway #26] Stardew Valley & Undertale | May 2017

This month of may, we will be giving away two of the best indie games of the decade, and arguably, of all-time, Stardew Valley and Undertale. This giveaway will last from May 15 – June 1, 2017.