Owlboy Gets a New Trailer for its Nintedo Switch and PlayStation 4 Launch

Owlboy Released Console 07

Fans who are waiting for Owlboy’s launch for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 will be on cloud nine today!


Owlboy fans will be rejoicing today as the physical version of the highly acclaimed pixel art platformer is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch users. They also released a new launch trailer to commemorate this release.

Of course, let us not forget Owlboy: Limited Edition which they announced a few weeks ago. It will be on the store shelves starting July 13, 2018. As a limited boxed version of the game, only 6,000 copies are going to be sold per platform, and it contains the base game and various exclusive collector’s items.

Owlboy Limited Edition

  • Owlboy base game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation®4
  • Certificate of authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number
  • Original soundtrack, physical copy featuring the majestic Owlboy sounds
  • Owlboy notebook for logging all your adventures
  • Owlboy manual full of useful information about the game
  • Two pins, one of the Owlboy logo and one of main character Otus
  • Two metal coins inspired by the collectible ‘Buccanary coins‘ in the game
  • Pin box to safely store your pins and coins
  • Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers
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