Metro Redux Out Now for Nintendo Switch

Immerse yourself in the Moscow Metro with this two-game collection of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light on your Nintendo Switch.

Metro Exodus To Be Released Solely on Epic Games Store for PC

Capcom announces Megaman 11 after a 7-year hiatus of the main series!

Deep Silver Weekend Sale on Humble Bundle

Grab some great deals, including Dead Island, Saints Row IV, and more, this weekend with the Deep Silver sale on Humble Bundle Store.

Metro Exodus is Having Hands-On World Tour!

Metro Exodus will be hosting hands-on demo at major gaming events before its release next year.

[Game Review] Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition

Fan of SUDA51 and hack-and-slash action genre? Killer is Dead is the perfect game for you! Play as Mondo Zappa and kill all the enemies with swift and spectacular execution kills!

Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition Giveaway

Another month, another giveaway. And oh look it’s the president. wait what, he haz superpowers!? January 2015 Giveaway, Saints Row IV: GOTC Edition