Post-Brexit Dystopian Management Sim, Not Tonight, Available Now on Steam

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Work hard, and stay out of trouble in this politically-charged satirical game based on an alternative version of post-Brexit of Britain, Not Tonight.

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Not Tonight

Not Tonight is developed by PanicBarn, and being published by No More Robots on Steam. It is an alternative history management simulation of post-Brexit, wherein you, as a player, check IDs, manage guest lists, and stop out-of-control guests, as you scrape by every single day just to survive.

Work hard and get paid to improve your clothing, apartment, and even equipment. The question is, how far will you go in order to survive in a Britain that is on the end of its legs?

Not Tonight is now available on Steam for $19.99, and right now, the game is on 10% discount throughout the week.

More Information about Not Tonight

  • Man the doors of pubs, clubs, festivals and parties, finding work via the BouncR app
  • Check IDs, manage guestlists, and stop revellers from becoming unruly
  • Upgrade your apartment, bouncer and equipment to better prepare yourself for the future
  • Decide what lengths you’ll go to in order to survive in a Britain on the verge of collapse
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