A Unique Boxed Limited Edition of Owlboy Announced for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Owlboy Nintendo Switch and PS4 Featured

Owlboy: Limited Edition (very limited) will be available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and did we mention that it is boxed!?

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The retail version of the highly acclaimed pixel art adventure game, Owlboy, is set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation with the help of SOEDESCO on May 29, 2018. However, a boxed limited (very) edition is also coming out on July 13, 2018.

Owlboy is a story-rich adventure game where players can take flight and explore a brand new world in the skies. It features an open-world exploration that requires both fighting and platforming to overcome various obstacles. Furthermore, the game is gracefully created in pixel art, and it brings back a classic visual formula to the new era of gaming. You will definitely love this game, whether you are a fan of pixel art graphics or not.

Owlboy Limited Edition

  • Owlboy base game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation®4
  • Certificate of authenticity with a unique Limited Edition number
  • Original soundtrack, physical copy featuring the majestic Owlboy sounds
  • Owlboy notebook for logging all your adventures
  • Owlboy manual full of useful information about the game
  • Two pins, one of the Owlboy logo and one of main character Otus
  • Two metal coins inspired by the collectible ‘Buccanary coins‘ in the game
  • Pin box to safely store your pins and coins
  • Sticker sheet with seventeen magnificent Owlboy stickers
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