Make Sail Splashes to Early Access This Week

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Build a boat and navigate through different islands to find new items to customize your boat!

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Make Sail

Make Sail is a realistic physics-based adventure game where you craft your boat and navigate them through procedural islands, pieces, and creatures. The game was funded on Fig in November 2016.

The game is promised to be challenging, as water and wind may halt your progress in the game, or may even destroy your boat, in which you have to restart building a better one for your voyage.

Make Sail is slated to be released as an Early Access title on March 30, 2018.

“Most video game boats are sluggish cars that ignore the wind. Our boats are wild horses of your own design, rooted in real physics, crafted to challenge the elements, chariots fit for the sea gods! They also break up and sin a lot. It’s fun”

-Ziba Scott, Developer


  • Procedural placement of handcrafted islands, pieces and creatures.
  • Custom water buoyancy system which accounts for weight, shape, drag, lift and drafting.
  • Combined wind and water simulations are realistic enough to perform real world sailing maneuvers such as tacking.
  • Original, 45 minute, dynamically adjusting soundtrack
  • Square sail! Lateen sails! Energy field sails! Propellers! Jets!
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