Civilization V Designer, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates, Now Available on Steam

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Looking for a fresh 4X strategy game? You may want to check out Jon Shafer’s (Civ 5 Designer) At the Gates for a new take on the classic 4X grand strategy formula.

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Jon Shafer's At the Gates

After almost seven years in development, BAFTA award-winning designer, Jon Shafer, has finally announced that his fresh take on 4X grand strategy game, At The Gates, is now out on PC.

At the Gates features an amazing watercolor art style, and roguelike elements complimenting its grand strategy gameplay mechanism. The clans that you have each has their own unique traits, and the world is continually changing its landscape to give your playthrough unique and thrilling.

Jon Shafer has said:

“I’ve always been driven to innovate with my games and At the Gates is no exception”,

The genre has gotten a bit stale but it still has enormous potential, and that’s what I’m aiming to tap into by mixing roguelike elements into the classic 4X grand strategy formula.”

You can buy it for 10% off the base price of $29.99/€29.99 within this week.

Key Features

  • An Evolving Map
    Seasons and weather dramatically transform the landscape around you. The river that once served as a barrier in the summer might become a highway in the winter – for both you and your enemies!
  • Character Management
    Each of your clans has unique traits and desires, so choose carefully how you use them.
  • Survival & Roguelike Elements
    Keep your clans fed through the harsh winter. Resources run out so always be hunting for more. Your neighbors can be immensely strong. Every game poses new challenges and opportunities.
  • Watercolor Art Style
    A beautiful watercolor landscape serves as the canvas for your clever economic and military strategies.
  • Tooltips-in-Tooltips!
    AtG features a revolutionary user interface which utilizes “tooltips-in-tooltips” for the very first time, making it far easier to learn without sacrificing any gameplay depth.
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