Cities: Skylines – Natural Disaster will be Available Soon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Cities Skylines Natural Disaster Featured

Cities: Skylines’  one of the best DLCs, Natural Disaster, is coming out for major consoles. Fire, flood, and falling stars! Disaster everywhere!

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Cities: Skylines Natural Disaster

Paradox Interactive announced that Cities: Skylines’ one of the most popular and arguably best DLCs, Natural Disaster, will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 15. If the price would be the same as the Steam version, then it would most likely cost you $14.99 for this expansion pack.

Cities: Skylines – Natural Disaster adds various features to an already in-depth simulation city-building game. It includes new systems for disaster alerts and response, and random disasters (or if you’re an evil mayor, deploy the calamity yourself).  New radio stations are also added that has a set of chill city-building tunes.

In addition to the expansion pack, Paradox has released a music DLC for the game’s new in-game radio feature. It is called The Radio Station Pack, and it costs $7.99.

Key Features

  • Deep, Impactful Gameplay: Meteor strikes, forest fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, and more will destroy districts and devastate estates
  • With Great Power Comes Great Response Abilities: Plan for, and respond to, disasters using early warning systems, countermeasures, and new disaster responses such as helicopters and evacuations
  • This is Not a Test (but it is just a game): New radio systems put the station in devastation with disaster warnings and three free radio stations
  • An Objectively Good Feature: A series of pre-made scenarios challenge players with various objectives and conditions
  • Chirpocalypse Now: Sweet new hats for Chirper, man
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