Stardew Valley is Now on Android!

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One of the best farming simulatons, Stardew Valley, plants itself on Android!

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Stardew Valley

Developer ConcernedApe and publisher Chucklefish is happy to announce that players can now enjoy and buy their award winning farming simulation game, Stardew Valley, on Android now! Players can now build their farm, make friends, explore the mines, marry your ideal someone, and raise animals and more on your phone.

The port of Stardew Valley is developed by The Secret Police. All of the game features are intact, but they have added mobile specific features (since the iOS launch) such as saving your game anytime, zoom functionality with just pinching in and out, and a new control system for mobile users.

Language packs are also available for Android at launch, but other platforms such as iOS and console will receive this packs later on.

Stardew Valley is available for $7.99 / $7.99 / 8,99 €. Buy it now here.

Game Information

Game Features

  • Create the farm of your dreams: Turn your overgrown fields into a lively and bountiful farm!
  • Learn to live off the land: Raise animals, go fishing, tend to crops, craft items, or do it all! The choice is yours…
  • Become a part of the local community: Pelican Town is home to over 30 residents you can befriend!
  • Meet someone special: With 12 townsfolk to date, you may even find someone to start a family with!
  • Explore vast, mysterious caves: Encounter dangerous monsters & valuable treasures deep underground!
  • Customize: There are hundreds of character & home decoration options to choose from!

New Mobile-Specific Features

Since the iOS launch of Stardew Valley, The Secret Police have added many Mobile quality-of-life improvements and new features to the game including:

  • Save at any time – even when you close the app!
  • Pinch-zoom functionality, allowing players to handily zoom in to track down your Junimos or zoom out to get a full view of your farm
  • New control systems including virtual joystick and invisible joystick options, ‘action / attack’ button option, improved auto-attack and Joypad adjuster tool with complete customization of your onscreen controls
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