Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle is Now Available

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You have watched Attack on Titan Season 3, now you play it on Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle! Uncover the truth behind the walls!

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Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle

KOEI Tecmo finally released Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle a few days ago.

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle features new gameplay mode for players, which focuses on the anime’s season 3 story. In character mode, players can relive the moments in anime with three different timelines: the Scout, 104th Cadet Corps, and the Warriors.

On the other hand, in territory mode, players can become a commander and create their own team, using any of the 40 playable characters to explore outside of the walls to reclaim the land.

A variety of equipment can be used with the 3D ODM gear such as the tried-and-tested blades, a shooting gear for quick-fire damage, the thunder spear, and the Gatling Gun.

For those who will buy within the month of the launch date will get the “Queen Historia” costume for Christa; “Young Male Coat” for Kenny; “Plain Clothes (Underground City)” for Levi; and the “One-piece Dress” costume for Mikasa.

If you own Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, an upgrade pack is available for you.

Buy Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle now.

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Game Information

‘Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Upgrade Pack’ contains the latest content for the tactical hunting action series based on the hit anime series ‘Attack on Titan.’

■Includes the stories from seasons 1~3 of the anime!
■More than 40 playable characters join the battle!
■Experience the thrilling action of ‘ODM Gear’!
■New equipment ‘Thunder Spear’ and ‘Anti-personnel Omni-directional Mobility Gear’ have been added!
■The new mode ‘Territory Recovery Mode’ has been added!

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