War Never Changes! Check out Humble War Gamez Bundle!

Humble Bundle War Gamez Featured

Itching for a good war games to play on your spare time this month? Humble Bundle got you covered with this Humble War Gamez Bundle that they recently launched!

War Gamez Bundle

Humble Bundle is having another bundle for the month. The bundle launched on May 8, 11 AM Pacific Time and will end on May 23, 2018, at the same time.

Here are the tiers and the games you will get for each:

  • $1 Tier: You will be getting Panzer Corps and its Allied Corps DLC, a turn-based strategy game that re-implemented the classic Panzer General games. Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition is a 2d side scroller action game very similar to Metal Slug series. Insurgency is probably one of the highly competitive FPS game out there while still having realistic ballistics and movements.
  • Pay The Average Tier: Including the above tier plus Day of Infamy Deluxe Edition, a top-tier WWII FPS game. Gloria Victis is an early access MMORPG that is being updated frequently, but still far from being a complete game. 8-bit Armies is a fun fast-paced RTS like the classic Red Alert games but with a cartoonish look.
  • Pay $10 Tier: Everything listed above and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Digital Deluxe is another great online FPS that encourages teamwork and strategy to be victorious.

If you have not checked yet, they also announced their Humble Monthly Early Unlock a few days ago, and they are having a 505 Games Sale on the Humble Store.

The link down below is an affiliate link as we are an official partner of Humble Bundle. We highly recommend you to click the link as it will help the website to pay for its fees and help the charity of your choice at the same time.

The Bundle

War Gamez Bundle
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