Cyberpunk, Survival, Post-Apocalyptic Games on Humble Dystopian Bundle!

Humble Bundle with another amazing bundle focusing on cyberpunk, survival, and post-apocalyptic games.

Cities Skylines & Metal Gear Solid V are Humble Monthly Early Unlocks for December 2018

Get your copy of a great city-building simulation game and a gorgeous stealth-action game in December 2018 Humble Monthly Early Unlocks

Deep Silver Weekend Sale on Humble Bundle

Grab some great deals, including Dead Island, Saints Row IV, and more, this weekend with the Deep Silver sale on Humble Bundle Store.

Bandai Namco Sale is Live on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle launches Bandai Namco Sale on their store. Tekken 7, Ni No Kuni II, Dark Souls, and more!

Humble Bundle Monthly Early Unlocks for November 2018 is Revealed

Three games have been revealed for November’s Humble Monthly Early Unlocks.

Humble Bundle Female Protagonist Sale is Live Now

The Humble Bundle weeklong sale is all about games with a heroine, such as Dishonored 2, Remember Me, Alien Isolation, and more.

Aspyr Publisher Sale on Humble Bundle is Live

Giant publisher, Aspyr Media, has an ongoing sale on Humble Bundle! Get discounts with games such as Civilization series, Borderlands, and more.

Get Overwatch as the Early Unlock for October’s Humble Monthly

Humble Bundle announced its October Early Unlock, which is the highly acclaimed team-based multiplayer FPS, Overwatch. Subscribe now and get more games by the first week of October.

Humble Bundle Launched Humble Spooky Horror Bundle 2018!

Last Tuesday, Humble Bundle started a new bundle about Spooky horror games, such as Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead by Deadlight, and more!

The Idea Factory Sale is Live in Humble Bundle Store

Japanese video game developer and publisher, Idea Factory, is currently having a huge sale on Humble Bundle Store for this week.

Check out these Amazing Games from September 2018 Humble Monthly Early Unlocks!

Humble Monthly reveals Tales of Berseria, Sniper Elite V4, and Staxel OR Rise of the Tomb Raider for the September 2018 Early Unlocks!

Look Out for Humble Monthly August 2018 Early Unlocks

Start playing three very different games as Humble Bundle provides us the three games for August 2018 Humble Monthly early unlocks.