More Details Revealed for God Eater 3!

God Eater 3 Lulu 03

Bandai Namco reveals more information regarding the gameplay and storyline of the upcoming god slaying action RPG, God Eater 3.

God Eater 3

We get more information from Bandai Namco for their upcoming Action RPG, God Eater 3. One of these is Lulu Baran as an Adaptive God Eater (AGE), a new type of powerful warrior fighting against the Aragami. She is a loner throughout her life, but she will cross paths with the protagonist in the game.

In combat, she can easily destroy enemies with ease using her mobility, a result of being a test subject of the God Eater combat assisting system ‘Acceleration Triggers’ at Port Baran, one of the new locations in God Eater 3. The port’s industry and economy are both booming while various development facilities continue in focusing the research for Ashlands and AGE.

Also, a new Aragami called False Idol has been announced as well. It resides in Ashlands, and it hovers in the air while switching between two forms, depending on whether it is for attacking or defending.

God Eater 3 will be released on PC and PlayStation 4. No release date has been revealed so far.


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