Humble Monthly Early Unlocks Revealed for May 2018

Humble Bundle Monthly May Featured

You may now buy the early unlocks for May Humble Monthly featuring three great games.

May Early Unlocks

Humble Bundle is excited to announce its Humble Monthly early unlock games for the month of May. If you don’t know what Humble Monthly is, it is basically a subscription-based bundle from Humble Bundle for $12 only. Most bundles cost around $120 MSRP, and you can get at least 6 games.

The early unlock games will be as follows:

  • Kerbal Space Program – a space flight simulation video game, where players can create their own rockets or aircraft and launch them into space. It is truly one of the better and unique indie games out there.
  • Dead Rising 4 – the latest installment in the series where players can enjoy another zombie-killing mayhem with improved gameplay and a better storyline than its predecessor.
  • Ruiner – a cyberpunk shooter game with an overhead perspective, where the main character has to rescue his brother from the clutches of an organization called Heaven that rules the metropolis

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