[FIRST IMPRESSION] The Beast Inside Kickstarter Demo

A photorealistic horror game made in Unreal Engine. The Beast Inside Demo can give you the heebie-jeebies until the end.

[Epic Five] 5 Badass Female Protagonists in Video Games

Each year, we see more and more video games with female protagonists. Some are badass, some are not. We gather 5 of the amazingly badass female protagonists in video games.

[Gameplay] Tales of Zestiria | First One Hour

Tales of Zestiria is the first Tales game in the PC. How does the port for the PC? Check out our First One hour gameplay here.

[Gameplay] Human Resource Machine | Indie Game | Tomorrow Corporation

Human Resource Machine is a programming-themed game which is both fun and entertaining for a game for its genre. Check out our gameplay and see if it’s worth getting!

[Realtalk] Why Fully-Priced Multiplayer-Only Games Suck?

The gaming industry keeps changing year after year, one of the changes is the releases of multiplayer-only games that do not have proper single-player modes, yet the publishers still push out the game with a price tag of a fully priced game, which is $59.99 or even more. Check out the video detailing why it sucks here.

[Gameplay] Toby: The Secret Mine | Indie Game | Lukas Navratil

If you like Limbo, or any puzzle platformer game, then Toby: The Secret Mine might be the game for you. It looks and feels like Limbo, but a little bit colorful and lighter than Limbo.

[Gameplay] Star Wars: Battlefront | Beta | Drop Zone Mode

Here’s another gameplay from Star Wars: Battlefront Beta.

[Gameplay] Star Wars: Battlefront | Beta | Survival Mode

Star Wars Battlefront (EA) is an upcoming game from EA which would be the third iteration of the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise. Is the beta modes good? Check it out now!

[Gameplay] Pixel Galaxy | Serenity Forge | Indie Game

Have you ever thought what Katamari would be like if it was a blocky 2D game full of bullets everywhere? Well, you probably haven’t, but I did!

[Gameplay] Rainbow Six: Siege | Closed Beta | Multiplayer Mode Gameplay | 60FPS

Check out Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Beta Multiplayer Mode Gameplay running on 60FPS!

[Gameplay] Rainbow Six: Siege | Closed Beta | Terrorist Hunt Gameplay | 60FPS

Check out our Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt Gameplay @ glorious and smooth 60FPS

[EPIC 5] 5 Creepy Pokédex Entries

Pokémon is cute and cuddly they say, it is for kids they say. They never look in the description in the Pokédex I say, it has some shady things going down in there, I say.