Valve Removed HATRED from Steam Greenlight

Valve Removed HATRED from Steam Greenlight

A few months ago, a game was removed from Steam’s library because of the Dev’s death threat to Gabe Newell, now another game has been removed from Steam Greenlight because of it’s “violent” gameplay.

Hatred is a new game that focuses around mass murders in an isometric view.

Don’t take it as some other video game like Grand Theft Auto where creating havoc and chaos is okay, this game is actually pretty dark in our honest opinion, due to the fact that you have actually no back story (as what we have understand on the trailer) and that your main goal is to just brutally murder everyone with any weapon you have which actually looks like you’re watching a brutal mass murder in real life and you’re the one controlling the killer.

As you have seen on the trailer, the game is truly all about the main character’s Hatred to the world, which in his case is already a psychopathic killer.

The game is still under development but it won’t be getting on Steam. The game tried to join the Greenlight service, however, once the news became a hit, Valve was quickly to remove the game off Greenlight and ensured that it wouldn’t land on Steam ever again.

“Based on what we’ve seen on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As such we’ll be taking it down,” Valve’s Doug Lombardi told Eurogamer.

It looks cool and all, probably good for relieving stress, but if this game do get published by other companies, make sure that you don’t get all psycho and start murdering everyone on your neighborhood 🙂

Sources: EuroGamer, KitGuru

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