Two New Characters Coming to My Hero Academia: One’s Justice

My Hero Academia: One's Justice Featured

Bandai Namco Entertainment revealed more characters for their upcoming My Hero Academia game.

Two New Characters

My Hero Academia: One’ Justice is an upcoming 3D fighting action game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It is being developed by Byking, and it is slated to be released in 2018.

Bandai Namco recently revealed two more characters for the game’s roster.

First is Stain, the terrifying Hero Killer, who licks his opponent’s blood to activate his quirk. He generalizes most heroes as a wannabe-heroes who are in it for fame and money.

Next is Shota Aizawa, a Pro Hero teaching at U.A.’s class 1-A who is also known for his alias, Eraser Head. He can nullify his opponent’s quirk just by looking at them.

Some Screenshots

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