[Impression] World War Z: Game of the Year Edition – Worth Upgrading?

Is upgrading World War Z to Game of the Year Edition worth it? Well, here are our thoughts about it!

Epic Games Mega Sale Happening Right Now + Free GTA V!

Epic Games Store Mega Sale is currently happening right now and they are giving away Grand Theft Auto V as a free game for this week!

[Game Review] World War Z

World War Z is probably the closest thing we could get for a Left for Dead 3. Curious? Find out why!

Dying Light 2 Launch Date has been Delayed

Another game gets delayed, and unfortunately, the new release date has not been announced yet.

Risk of Rain 2 is Out Now on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Surprise launch of Risk of Rain 2 for consoles at PAX West! Roadmaps announced as well!

World War Z’s “Six Skulls” Update is Out Now

World War Z delivers you a great challenge with the Six Skulls update. Are you ready to fight harder zombies?

World War Z Gets a Launch Trailer!

World War Z is nearing its release date so here is the launch trailer for everyone to see!

World War Z’s New Tokyo Map has been Revealed

Trailer and details have been revealed for the new map of the upcoming zombie multiplayer co-op game, World War Z.

World War Z Release Date has been Confirmed

Survive this upcoming multiplayer-action World War Z by Saber Interactive coming soon in consoles and PC!

Dead by Daylight Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Not even Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch can escape its crossing fate. Death awaits in Dead by Daylight, coming out this fall!

Humble Bundle has Launched its New ‘Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle’ Today

Get yourself and a friend something to play this month with this Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle filled with amazing multiplayer games that everyone can enjoy.

[Realtalk] Why Fully-Priced Multiplayer-Only Games Suck?

The gaming industry keeps changing year after year, one of the changes is the releases of multiplayer-only games that do not have proper single-player modes, yet the publishers still push out the game with a price tag of a fully priced game, which is $59.99 or even more. Check out the video detailing why it sucks here.