Epic Games Mega Sale Happening Right Now + Free GTA V!

Epic Games Mega Sale Featured

Epic Games Store Mega Sale is currently happening right now and they are giving away Grand Theft Auto V as a free game for this week!

Epic Games Store Mega Sale

Epic Games Store is having a mega huge sale starting today until June 11! To start the sale, they showcased Grand Theft Auto V as their free game for this week, and it is considered as the best game they gave for free on their platform. You can claim it until May 21. Unfortunately, due to a big name going free in the platform, a surge of new and old accounts are trying to claim the GTA V, which boggled Epic Games Store servers. It is currently having loading issues since the start of the sale.

With that said, the mega sale discounted most of the games in Epic Games store, and they even give a $10 voucher for your purchases that are more than $14.99. It is also refillable on every purchase! If you stopped buying games, the voucher will expire by November 1st.

There are more games in this mega sale such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise, several indie games, and if you are going to buy, you may use our Creator Tag: KARLSANADA13. 

We are using affiliate links to help us fund the website if you ever buy through the links provided.

Games Available!

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