Pre-Alpha of NeuroSlicers Coming Soon!

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The Dream Harvest Team are happy to announce that their game is having a community pre-alpha this April.

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NeuroSlicers is a cyberpunk RTS that turns the usual slow-paced genre into something incredibly fast, macro, and short matches within 5-10 minute range. Moreover, this game is a highly tactical PVP warfare that will keep players on the edge of their seats every match.

Control AI-powered units and combine them with a variety of customizable abilities. Upgrade buildings and hacking power to allow the players to manipulate the environment and change the tide of the match to their favor.

The Pre-Alpha of the game will be coming soon and here are the details if you are intrigued and want to play test the game:

  • The Pre-Alpha is running from 13th April 2018 –  4th June 2018 over 8 consecutive weekends.
  • Servers will be open from 6 PM UTC on Friday’s until 12 PM UTC on Monday’s each week.
  • Future testing rounds will be confirmed closer to the dates, but the Alpha is estimated to start late August.


  • Physically manipulate the battlegrounds, changing their layout which in turn influences unit movement and building line of sight.
  • Units in NeuroSlicers are completely AI controlled with players only able to influence their behaviours through the use of their powers
  • Refocused gameplay from micromanagement to macromanagement, breaking down the barriers that often stop people from playing RTS games.
  • Wide variety of units, buildings and hacking powers available to players allowing them to customize their loadouts to suit their playstyle.
  • Deep narrative experience tied to multiplayer progression. Unlock the truths hidden in the data you collect and see the Factions for who they really are and ultimately determine the future of the NeuroNet and the world beyond.
  • Fast paced, highly competitive gameplay that’s quick to pick up and fun to master.
  • Deep player progression that’s tied to ability and visual unlocks, narrative and ultimately the end game content which focuses on the Faction war between the three Corporations and the player’s position among their ranks.
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