My Hero: One’s Justice Gets a Launch Date, and Many More Things

My Hero One's Justice Full Roster

3D arena fighting game based on a Shonen Jump manga/anime, My Hero One’s Justice, is coming out this year! Bandai Namco has revealed two more playable characters and the pre-order bonuses for the game.

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We previously made an article regarding two new characters on the roster. Now, Bandai Namco Entertainment reveals its released date recently, and it is confirmed to be on October 26, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

My Hero One’s Justice is a 3D arena fighting game based on My Hero Academia Shonen Jump Manga/Anime. Players can form three-person squads consisting of their favorite heroes/villains from a vast roster such as Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui, All Might, Stain, Dabi, and much more. During the fight, players can summon their squadmates by their side to utilize their quirks to land a combination of attacks against the opponent.

Players who will pre-order the game will get  Endeavor – #2 Pro Hero and father of Shoto Todoroki – as the bonus.  Not only that, Bandai Namco Entertainment announces two more new characters in the roster;


Another villain joins the fight. Muscular’s game-changing Quirk, Muscle Augmentation, allows him to grow muscle fibres across his entire body conferring immense strength to him during the battle.


Although retired, Gran Torino still brings fear to his enemies and students alike! Gran Torino is the mentor of All Might himself. His Quirk Jet makes him one of the fastest heroes alive, rolling back his many years to battle against the best of the best.

Key Features

  • Plus Ultra! – Based on the hit weekly Shonen Jump manga series
  • Heroes or Villains – Choose between fan favorite characters like Deku, All Might, Tomura, and many more in your path to justice
  • Total Destruction – The environments are at your disposal as players can destroy their surroundings in fierce battles
  • Join Forces – Choose up to 2 sidekicks to unleash powerful combos
  • Unleash Superpowers – Utilize each character’s Quirks to plant explosive attacks
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