Love is Dead, a Zombie Puzzle Adventure, Announced

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A new indie game gets a visual overhaul, a new name, and a release date.

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Love is Dead

Armor Games Studios announces its new game, Love is Dead, a puzzle game which was originally named I Saw Her Standing There, by Curiobot. The game is actually a part of a collection of Flash games, but this is its first commercial release.

Love is Dead is a puzzle game where players control two zombies and they are able to swap controls between each other. The main goal is for the two zombies to reunite while avoiding obstacles along the way. The players have to guide them through seven unique worlds and over 300 levels until they find their missing pets.

It has been revamped with new art and gameplay and is slated to be released in Spring of 2018.


  • Over 300 lovingly hand-crafted levels set among 7 distinct worlds
  • A unique blend of action and puzzle-based gameplay
  • Discover new mechanics and puzzle elements in every world.
  • Choose your pronouns and those of your sweetie for a personal experience
  • Comic, sweet storyline filled with mad science and surprises.
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