Garage is out now on Nintendo Swtich, and it is coming soon on PC

Garage Featured

Check out this gruesome bloody top-down shooter, Garage, that is recently released for Nintendo Switch. Also, a PC beta version is on its way!

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Garage is developed by Zombie Dynamics with the help of an indie game publisher, tinyBuild. The game is a total chaotic top-down shooter where you are an ex-drug dealer who happens to discover a garage. It is not a normal garage though as it has full unworldly monsters in it.

It looks and plays like Hotline Miami based on the videos, although you do not die in one hit from the enemies. Find weapons and use them to survive, plus knowing what works very well in certain opponents can definitely help with managing the scarcity of weapon resources.

The game is already available in Nintendo eShop.

On the other hand, it will soon be ported to PC. If you are a PC gamer, you may sign up on their website by clicking the link below.


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