Humble Bundle Introduces the Humble Care Package Bundle for $30

Humble Bundle Care Package

Humble Bundle is having one of its most amazing charity bundle ever, Humble Care Package Bundle!

What is the Humble Care Package Bundle?

Humble Bundle is known for helping several charities for a few years now with the help of game developers and publishers. This time, they decided to create a care package after the continuous natural disaster occurrence because of the climate change.

100% of all the payments will be split to the different charities listed on the care package;

  • Direct Relief
  • the American Red Cross
  • GlobalGiving
  • Save the Children
  • and Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

What are the games?

Humble Care Package Bundle costs $30, but you can donate higher if you have some more to spend. Remember, all of the money will go to different charities!

Some notable games (among the 27 games included) that you can get for this bundle are:

  • Starbound – An amazing sandbox game with different races and the infinite procedural generated universe that you can traverse!
  • Stardew Valley – A game very similar to the classic Harvest Moon! Plant crops, raise animals, and get married!
  • Move or Die – A 4-player party game where players have to survive depending on the random challenges they are facing!
  • Minecraft: Story Mode – A Minecraft adventure game by Telltale games. Like story-driven game and Minecraft? This is the closest you can get with this mishmash.
  • Her Story – An unorthodox FMV game. Probably one of the best mystery games that came out this decade. Piece together the story of a woman who lost her husband.

There are 23 more games included in the bundle which made its total value at $385!

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