Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend get New Major Expansions

Behemoth Endless Space 2 Supremacy

Surprise! Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend are both getting major expansions respectively. Here are all the details for Endless Space 2 Supremacy, and Endless Legend Inferno.

Endless Space 2 Supremacy

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Amplitude Studios delivers two new major expansions this month. One of this expansion is Endless Space 2 – Supremacy. It introduces a new faction called The Hissho, and a new ship type, which is The Behemoths for all factions.

The Hissho is a new major faction in the Endless Space 2, but they have already been introduced in the first game as a warlike faction and considered as conquerors as they crushed their enemies. One of their main features is Keii (honor) which restocks through combat and it powers special abilities that can boost your ships.

This new faction includes 4 new heroes focused on warfare and space battle, and also a minor faction called the Illo, machines that eliminate species that are unlikely to survive.

A new ship called The Behemoths is now available for all factions, and you can customize them into Obliterator, Juggernaut, and Citadel specializations. The Behemoths came from the mysterious Endless era, which provides a significant boost in both economics and scientific aspects. The Hissho gets a headstart with this ship as they have just awoken one at the start of the expansion.

Endless Space Inferno

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On the other hand, Endless Legend is also getting an expansion called Inferno. Amplitude Studios have worked with NGD Studios, an Argentian game development studio behind the Master of Orion, to deliver Endless Legend Inferno to the players.  This expansion introduces The Kapaku, Lava Biome, and a new event Dust Eclipses.

The Kapaku is a new crafty faction of great inventors who rely on powerful golems to do their heavy work. They were forced to leave their volcanic home planet and landed on Auriga.

Lava Biome is the native biome for the Kapuku, and it may lack food, but it definitely does not lack in the aspect of the industry, science, dust, and new volcanic anomalies. The Kapuku gets buff from settling in this type of biome.

Dust Eclipses is a new event where the skies darken and get filled with dust. In this situation, a dust infusion will create short-lived Dust Confluxes all over the map that will help any army that will reach them first.

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