Detective Pikachu is Now Available Worldwide

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Rejoice Pokemon fans, especially those who like this certain iconic and electrifying Pokemon, as Detective Pikachu launches for Nintendo 3DS!

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Detective Pikachu

Embark yourself on a grand adventure with Jim and Pikachu. Join them as they solve the mysteries of Ryme City and find Tim’s missing dad.

Detective Pikachu is out now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS worldwide, and it can be bought digitally or physically.

A special extra-large Detective Pikachu amiibo has also been released. The amiibo allows the players to view all the short video clips from chapters they have finished, including the clips they have missed on their playthrough. These clips feature Pikachu’s quips and shenanigans that may provide some hints as well.

With the launch of the game worldwide, a free Pikachu iMessage sticker set is now available for iOS. It includes eight stickers featuring Detective Pikachu in various cute poses.

Fans may also want to check out the illustrated prequel story “Detective Pikachu: episode 0 – Eevee’s Case”, which takes place before Detective Pikachu teams up with Tim. It is available at no charge for Apple iBooks Store and Amazon’s Kindle Store for a limited time.


  • The ultimate crime-busting duo – Team up with self-proclaimed great Detective Pikachu. You have never seen or heard a Pikachu like this one before.
  • An incredible Pokemon metropolis – Venture among the people and Pokemon that fill the streets of Ryme City as you search high and low for clues.
  • Opportunities to investigate Pokemon mysteries – Become the ultimate detective with Pikachu and search crime scenes, solve puzzles, talk to witnesses and find evidence to crack the case.
  • Get help from Pikachu with Easy mode – New to sleuthing or need help uncovering evidence? Don’t worry, Detective Pikachu features an Easy Mode where Pikachu will provide handy hints!
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