Bethesda will Hold a Conference at E3

Bethesda will Hold a Conference at E3

For the very first time, Bethesda will be holding a news conference at the upcoming E3 2015.





On this coming June 14, 2015, Bethesda will be doing its very first news conference on E3. This obviously means that they have packed tons of news and announcements to deliver us.

Some of these announcements COULD BE:


  • Fallout 3 was released on 2008, and it was highly praised by fans and critics. This year, with the conference the Bethesda will be holding, I have high hopes that they will announce that this game is already in the making.

Dishonored 2

  • Released in 2012, this stealth action-adventure game is probably one of my favorite games ever, and my hopes are high that this would get a sequel sooner or later…this year maybe? Pretty please, Bethesda?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

  • The game had been receiving mixed reviews, and recently, Bethesda has announced that it will be dropping the subscription for the game. Meaning, that you’re only going to pay once and can play forever without worrying about paying monthly fees. Many of us have seen it coming it, though.
  • Also, TESO: TU will be released 5 days before the conference on consoles, but I bet Bethesda would still be announcing future plans for this game.

The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Skyrim was an awesome game, and it’s been released for almost 4 years now. Yes, 4 years and still it stands strong especially with mods. I am not hoping high that this game will be even announced this year due to Fallout 4, but hey let us keep dreaming, right.


  • Doom was a very beloved franchise, fans were teased last year with a video. Bethesda will most likely announce some gameplay footage and have a beta testing with the audience.


  • Last year, we’ve been plagued with bad unoptimized games, I am here hoping that this year would be really different, and Bethesda holding its first conference looks like a very good sign for a good year. We will see.


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