Best Gaming CPU for Gaming?

Best Gaming CPU for Gaming?

Are you tired of searching all around the internet, reading reviews, checking out the pro’s and con’s on various processors and still can’t find what the best processor for gaming is out there?

We know how it feels, all processor making companies like Intel and AMD are definitely telling everybody that their processor are the best, because of marketing.

But which exactly is the better/best one out there? I’ll tell you.

Intel and AMD are two different companies but they both create awesome Processors, be it for gaming or for other personal stuff. But which of this is actually good for gaming?

Let’s start with Intel, Intel is the inventor of x86 series of microprocessors, the processors that are mostly found in most computers as of today. Intel focuses more on the performance, how fast it can deliver/work your order on the computer.

Intel has been through a lot of generations with their processors, they have the cheap-cost processors for budget build computers and the newest generation of processors which are pretty expensive.

Intel is built for durability and speed, it is made for gamers who plays games nonstop on their computer so if you have money, definitely check out Intel Processors.

As for AMD, is the second largest supplier of the x86 processors and one of the largest suppliers of Graphic Cards.
AMD is mostly built for gamers who have a tight budget for their build, you can get a wide variety of choices, but almost all of them are a lot cheaper than Intel.

AMD processors are also overclock-ready which makes it easier for you to overclock your processors for increased performance.

Although Intel is built with durability and speed, AMD is built for multi-managing and also speed, AMD specializes in different tasks in one computer so you can play your games while you record through a webcam while recording your voice through a microphone while listening to music.

AMD is definitely for gamers that are on a budget, AMD has different chips, some of them even comes with an APU or a built-in graphics card so you don’t have to buy one (but you can buy one and Crossfire it with the APU). They also have high-performance, cheaper price processors which you can choose from.

Now people have argued and debated on this topic for years now, asking “which of these processors are actually the best” for what they want, well it all falls down to the consumer.

You see, both of these companies produce great processor chips, but it all depends on your preference and budget.

If you are on a tight budget, go for an AMD for which you can later on easily upgrade to a better processor of AMD or change to Intel depending on what you prefer.

But if you are on the free side and have money, definitely go for the Intel because with Intel, you get what you pay for, even though it is expensive, their processors are definitely worth your money.

Both have their own Pro’s and Con’s but which really matters is how they perform your everyday work as a gamer.

So all of you out there planning to buy a gaming processor I suggest you check these Processors out: AMD A-Series, AMD FX-Series, Intel i-Series, Intel G-Series.

Those processors are cheap and are some of the best processors out there in the market.


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