Classic Final Fantasy VII Coming Out on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this March 2019

Final Fantasy VII Nintendo Switch Xbox One Featured

Final Fantasy VII’s release date for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One has been finally announced! Coming out next month!

Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix is rocking this quarter by releasing Final Fantasy IX recently, and announcing Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! for March 2019. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Final Fantasy VII will be released on the same month as Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! It will release on March 26, 2019.

Players can finally return to the classic Final Fantasy VII that revolutionized the JRPG genre back in the first PlayStation era. Now, they can play it on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and follow Cloud Strife and his allies to stop Sephiroth. Throughout the years, it has sold over 11 million units worldwide. Moreover, Final Fantasy VII will get HD graphics, auto-save feature, and other game options to make the game experience better.

Speculation: As Final Fantasy IX costs $20.99 for both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, we can safely assume that this game would cost the same for these platforms.

Game Information

Set in a dystopian world, Final Fantasy VII’s story centers on mercenary Cloud Strife who joins with several others to stop the megacorporation Shinra, which is draining the life of the planet to use as an energy source. As the story progresses, the situation escalates and Cloud and his allies face Sephiroth, the game’s main antagonist.

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