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DayZ Standalone’s Final Release Scheduled

Bohemia Interactive has announced that DayZ standalone will not see a full release until early 2016.

Steam Autumn Sale May Start on Wednesday, says Paypal.

According to PayPal, the Steam Autumn/Fall Sale will begin on November 26, and will end on December 1st.

Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition Uplay Giveaway

Welcome to this month’s giveaway! This month, we’re going to giveaway Watch_Dogs Deluxe Edition for PC running from November 15, 2014 to December 2, 2014. Watch_Dogs is an open world game which utilizes an unique concept….hacking.

Metro 2033 20x copies Giveaway

Metro 2033 is a survivial horror FPS game set in Post-Apocalytic Russia. You take the boots of Artyom as he travels the ruins of the broken Moscow, or more often, the metro station wherein they were forcefully evacuated into.