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Yokai Watch 4 is going to be big!

Yokai Watch 4

Last April, we posted an article regarding Level-5’s announcement of Yokai Watch 4 heading to the Nintendo Switch. It has 2 months since we’ve heard about Yokai Watch 4, but today Corocoro uploaded a Yokai Watch content video on their YouTube Channel. It is none other than the announcement trailer for the game.

You can view the said announcement trailer here:

For those who can’t understand Japanese, here’s what’s said in the trailer:

Yo-kai Arks are opening the doors to brand new worlds!
The world of the movie… And other worlds too!
Yo-kai Arks open the doors to every world imaginable!
Yo-kai Watch 4, releasing on the Nintendo Switch this year!

The announcement trailer did not show any gameplay footage nor give an exact release date for the game, however, we are expecting it to come soon.

Source: CoroCoro YouTube Channel

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