Cities Skylines & Metal Gear Solid V are Humble Monthly Early Unlocks for December 2018

Get your copy of a great city-building simulation game and a gorgeous stealth-action game in December 2018 Humble Monthly Early Unlocks

Humble Bundle Monthly Early Unlocks for November 2018 is Revealed

Three games have been revealed for November’s Humble Monthly Early Unlocks.

Get Overwatch as the Early Unlock for October’s Humble Monthly

Humble Bundle announced its October Early Unlock, which is the highly acclaimed team-based multiplayer FPS, Overwatch. Subscribe now and get more games by the first week of October.

Check out these Amazing Games from September 2018 Humble Monthly Early Unlocks!

Humble Monthly reveals Tales of Berseria, Sniper Elite V4, and Staxel OR Rise of the Tomb Raider for the September 2018 Early Unlocks!

Three Games Have Been Revealed for July Humble Monthly Early Unlocks

Hearts of Iron IV, Blackwake, and Portal Knights are the new Humble Monthly Early Unlocks for the month of July! Get them now.

Destiny 2 is Humble Bundle Monthly June’s Early Unlock

Humble Bundle announces its Humble Monthly early unlock for the month of June! It is probably one of its biggest games this year.