Meet Explottens, a Purtastic Bullet Hell Game

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Rise up to the skies with crazy planes in Explottens!

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Explottens is a fast-paced action shoot-’em-up which focuses on aerial combat. The game was greenlit as an Early Access title in 2017.

You play as K.I.T, a smooth cat on a mission to save the world with his comrades. They have to face the evil organization, K.L.A.W, who is trying to destroy the peaceful world of Catmandu.

The art style is vibrant, dynamic, and it fits with its nostalgic 80s soundtrack.

They recently updated the game and here is the change log for the game:

• Bosses have been reworked
• Enemies have been tweaked
• New Missions have been added
• Shop rework
• Keyboard and Mouse support added
• UI updates
• Bug fixes and much more!


  • 5 Front Guns, start off with the War Machine but oh boi wait till you unlock the De-Atomizer. Pew! Pew!
  • 3 Rear Guns, wait what a Proton Shield? I hope it does not Backfire.
  • 6 Planes, go Super Sonic and collect the rings!
  • 6 Sidekicks the game has, Catswalker spoken it has.
  • Level up system, we have the system. Yay!
  • 30 Missions (with more coming soon)
  • Mission Variety, no generic stuff here.
  • Difficult Bosses, Smaug *check*, enough said.
  • Unique Enemies, Cats with different hats *Caboom*
  • Strategic Gameplay, mic drop.
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