SOULCALIBUR VI, Yakuza Kiwami, and My Time at Portia! for December 2019 Humble Monthly Early Unlock

An action game, a fighting, and an RPG-simulation game for the December 2019 Humble Monthly early unlock! Get them now!

The Brawler Sale is Live on Humble Bundle

Variety of fighting games such as Street Fighter and Dragon Ball Fighter Z are now on sale on Humble Bundle Store! Up to 80% off!

Cervantes is Returning to Fight in Soul Calibur VI

The ghostly pirate, Cervantes, is brought back from the dead and returns to make Soul Edge his own again in Soul Calibur VI.

Taki will be Joining Soul Calibur VI Roster

This is all about Taki and her ninja skills joining the roster of the upcoming fighting game, Soul Calibur VI.